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Arnold Schwarzenegger Compares Congress To Nickelback And Herpes, Nickelback Responds With An A+ Comeback

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On Tuesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger released a video that has gone viral with almost 8 million views in which he compared the current Congress to Nickelback, hemorrhoids, and herpes, among other things.

Schwarzenegger’s point, I believe, is that gerrymandering poses a major threat to our democracy.


Apparently Nickelback didn’t appreciate being lumped in with things like cockroaches and colonoscopies so they responded to Arnold on Twitter. And quite well I might add.

.@Schwarzenegger big fans. Approval rate this: Batman & Robin. Please leave us out of your future wisdom drops. Danke Shön Herr Governator.

— Nickelback (@Nickelback) February 14, 2017

Oh no they din’t.

Of course the Governator couldn’t just sit idly by and let that stand…


@Nickelback That's… ice cold. I hope we can agree that we need a freeze on gerrymandering, guys. Thanks for the reply.

— Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) February 14, 2017

@Schwarzenegger well played, sir. #Respect

— Nickelback (@Nickelback) February 14, 2017

Well played, indeed, by all parties.


H/T The Roosevelts