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Hero Sees Driver Having A Seizure In Heavy Traffic, Jumps Through The Car’s Window To Save Them


Everyone on the road was alarmed as the car pulled through a crowded intersection and began to drive into oncoming traffic. A police cruiser followed closely behind while filming the incident with a dashboard-mounted camera, and that camera captured one citizen jumping into action.

The Dixon Police officer spotted the car driving erratically and suspiciously and began to tail the vehicle. That was around the time Randy Tompkins, a local resident, potentially saved the driver’s life as the person behind the wheel was having a seizure.

(2/2) Dash cam video of the incident:

— Dixon Police (@DixonPolice) June 3, 2017

Randy Tompkins is a hero, even if he doesn’t want to be called by that moniker. After Randy Tompkins spotted the driver having a seizure he parked his car and went into life-saving mode. He jumped through the passenger side window and was able to put the vehicle in park and bring the car to a stop. From there the police were able to call the paramedics who rushed in for medical treatment.

Randy was in the truck you can see that was forced to pull into oncoming traffic and park in order to get out of the way from the oncoming vehicle. Thankfully for the driver who was having a seizure, this meant Randy Tompkins had a front-view of what was happening inside of the car and was able to see that there was a crisis unfolding.

Big ups to Randy for acting swiftly and potentially saving a life!

(h/t TheHuffingtonPost)

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