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MSNBC’s Katy Tur And Jake Sherman Make Television News Awesome Again With More Phish References

As a custie, crusty Phish tour vet, few things in bring me as much joy as a $2 garlic grilled cheese and a second set Tweezer. Up there is MSNBC’s Katy Tur(…”terrrrrrr!”) keepin’ it real by working melty Phish references into her excellent political reporting. Same with Jake Sherman from Politico, certified member of the Phish-loving media illuminati. Which brings us to the latest exchange about Donald Trump’s controversial Twitter habits, with Sherman saying that Trump tweets like a “antelope out of control.”

Tur snaps back:

“There’s speculation over whether the GOP’s heads are going to split, open, and melt over this.”

All in a days work. Phish-reference broadcast news is the best broadcast news.

The latest @phish-y fun between @KatyTurNBC and @JakeSherman on @MSNBC

— Jeremy D. Goodwin (@JeremyDGoodwin) June 6, 2017