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Top Things To Do While in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a very cultural place on its own, and there are tons of activities that you can do and all you have to do is roam around the city.

Temple hopping:

Within the old area of Chiang Mai around the Wall are a number of stunning beautiful temples that you should visit. These ancient temples are a great way of diving into the Thai culture by exploring these temples and knowing about their histories, going as back as the 13th century! Pretty intriguing isn’t it?

Bargain around in the night bazaar:

Thailand’s main handicraft hub is in Chiang Mai. The night bazaar at Chiang Mai is the largest center of the city when it comes to selling of handicrafts. Prices of everything in the market is negotiable, you just need to have the skills. Every bargaining is a battle to death, and if you just try hard enough, you will always be the winner.

Take cooking classes:

Chiang Mai is not only very popular for its street food scene, but the city is also quite popular for its attempts to spread the knowledge and host cooking classes where the participants learn the secrets of delicious Thai food. The classes – with prices ranging between 800 to 1,000 – start at Thai markets where you learn about Thai flavors and herbs that make the food so great, then you get back to the kitchen, and get cooking.